12 Sites for selling your images

With the internet the demand for good images has increased and it has never been easier to sell good images. One way to get money from your images is to upload them one of the new sites that have sprung up to cater for these new demands. These sites attempt to look for quality images that can be resold. They sell images for cheap aiming to make money from many sales. Each site offers better returns for contributes that get many downloads.

  1. IStockPhoto An early pioneer opened in 2000, contributors make 20%-40% or more if they become exclusive. When joining the site there is a manual detailing what submission are accepted. You can also sell vector images, video and audio. Typically you might get paid $3 for a large image, the exact amount received depends on how the buyer purchased his credits and whether they have a subscription.
  2. Dreamstime Another early pioneer also opening around the year 2000. You make 50%-80%, but this is still comparable to other sites. For the sale of a large image you would get $2 at the start rising to $6 if you have many downloads. These values are based on what your customer paid for their credits.
  3. Shutterstock Has a simple model. You get $.25 per image downloaded. The rate then improves as you earn. There is no exclusivity deal, you can sell the same images on other sites too.
  4. Bigstockphoto Earn $.50 to $3 per image downloaded. They have a high paying special license scheme when the images are going to be reprinted on mugs, t-shirts and other objects.
  5. FreeDigitalPhotos.net Unstable.
  6. moodboard An interesting site that operates two models. They are a agency that pay the higher, more traditional, agency rates ($19-$2125 an image). But also offer photography at rates that compete with the other sites here. The benefit here is strong photographers can move from micro-selling to their premium collections. This site is European friendly too, as well as dollar payments they can pay in Euros and Pounds Sterling.
  7. FotoliaHere you the photographer can price the image yourself, you will then get roughly 50% of the price paid. It is possible to set different prices for different levels of exclusivity. The site is international but all payment is performed by paypal.
  8. Stockxpert Rates start at $0.30 per download.
  9. 123RF Three ways to get paid apart from uploading photographs referring customers and photographers: you get paid when the site makes money from friends you referred.
  10. Crestock They pay $3 a large image unless the buyer is a subscriber then you get $0.25. They have a fast mechanism for uploading a large number of images.
  11. Pixmac New this year.
  12. YAY Micro New this year.

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