Dodgy service providers

It's been a while since I posted anything, one reason for this was my service provider. Back in 2008 I got a note from my service provider asking for more money. This was part the way through the year's contract. Their reasoning was that they were moving servers and needed to upgrade my package. Whichever way you looked at it, my site was using a fraction of the resources needed. So I declined to upgrade stating that the year's contract had some time to run yet. It had looked to me supiciously like the service provider was trying to get me to pay a portion of the server upgrade cost. Perhaps in retrospect I should have changed the server then: I don't expect to have to threaten the provider to see out the period that I had paid for. After doing some digging I discovered that my Service Provider was Liam Young, the much maligned Big Brother "House-Mate". At the end of the contract instead of transfering the account to another service, my site was deleted without notice. Could this be the subtlest way to say we are no longer in the web-hosting buisness?


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