Industrial XP: a take on scaling XP

Posted by Andy Gavin on Tue, 2007-04-10 13:12

One of the criticisms XP which is often questioned is its ability to be used in large groups and projects. Many have suggested ways to overcome this, from system architecture through to communities of practice. A particularly interesting take on though is Industrial XP, some thought has been given into making this a complete practice.
The approach taken is to have multuple XP teams providing some new practices for managing these teams:

Readiness assessments
Continuously evaluate whether your organization and project community are ready to do IXP.
Project community.
Identify and include people who effect a project or are affected by the project. A project community is always bigger than you think.
Project chartering.
Ensure that what a project community will build is in harmony with the organization's needs.
Test-driven management.
Inspire, compel, enlighten, and align a project community by defining SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based) objectives.
Include a rigorous, future-focused process for capturing lessons learned, best practices in a context, and multiple perspectives on how to improve a software development environment.
Continuous learning.
Continuously improve your skills to deliver greater value and enjoy what you do.

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