Fredrick Brooks Jr talked up Agile methods

Fredrick Brookes Jr, notable for his contributions to Computer Science. Presented a lecture in 2000, just before the publication of Kent Beck's White Book, on interative development. He called it the Design of Design.


Maintaining Wikis

Wikis can often suffer from the Tragedy of the Commons, where the individual's needs aren't necessarily the in the common interest. So it important to think about who is reading the wiki and what they're likely to look for. Wikis are good at producing highly navigatable the pages can be highly interconnected. Here are some common failures:

  • Lack of interconnection: Wiki's like wikipedia are most powerful when related concepts are linked together.
  • Separation of Concerns: Better use of indexes/categories and recent history means that pages of lists are less necessary. Wikis should be arranged heterarchically rather than hierarchically.

Agile development, structured workshops for knowledge sharing

At work we are using a form of Extreme Programming. In XP requirements are fed to development is through the use of interation and release planning. The system is broken down into stories that describes what the user requires to do with the system. This commnicates the customer's requirements to the development. However problems can arise communicating specialised domain knowedge to the development team, and domain implementation knowledge to the customer and operations.

Existing Knowledge Transfer