Victorian Savouries

Occasionally for breakfast I have scrambled egg on toast, and I am really quite fond of mixing anchovies into the egg. This is instead of salting the egg, in a similar way you might not salt a tomato sauce. Recently I've discovered that the Victorians--- God bless 'em--- often had a minature course called the savoury. Not only that, my scrambled egg concoction was one of them. It is called Scotch Woodcock. Perhaps they they might not have necessarily mixed the the egg and fish together, but it's damn near.


Cube Cola

I like the idea of communities having their own take on something. The Cube Cinema in Bristol for the past four years has been perfecting their own brand of cola. Well, I call it a brand: they have open-sourced the recipe. Here are their adventures. They plan to celebrate on the 25th August with a non-brand promotional party. Brings back memories of the Brewhouse which was just round the corner which brewed its beer in the basement.


Pimms history and recipe

Came across this review of Pims No. 1, which contains an interesting history to the drink. Also a recipe to make Pimms in your kitchen:


Too much tea could be harmful

There has been much made of Green Tea's benfits as an antioxidant as a prevention for cancer. But drinking too much can cause problems, the fluorine that the tea contains in high quantities can cause poisoning.

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