Victorian Savouries

Occasionally for breakfast I have scrambled egg on toast, and I am really quite fond of mixing anchovies into the egg. This is instead of salting the egg, in a similar way you might not salt a tomato sauce. Recently I've discovered that the Victorians--- God bless 'em--- often had a minature course called the savoury. Not only that, my scrambled egg concoction was one of them. It is called Scotch Woodcock. Perhaps they they might not have necessarily mixed the the egg and fish together, but it's damn near.

This course is eaten after the sweet, and before the port: rather like cheese and biscuits. Well, I know which I prefer; yes give me another sardines or anchovies on toast. You can keep your cheese.

Devils on horseback also sound worth a try too: prunes or dates wrapped in bacon in various ways. I wonder if they could cope with the BBQ....


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