Posted by Andy Gavin on Mon, 2006-03-13 18:24

All set for April the 1st and the Waterfall 2006 Conference?

There are many gems on this site for those who've worked in a waterfall environment including:

From a testing workshop:

Are projects moving too fast for your QA team? Is your QA team feeling stressed and overly busy? Are those darned programmers writing code that doesn't fit the frozen requirements, and ignoring those 10-year-old standards? Are product managers bugging you with last-minute changes? With the Waterfall method, this doesn't have to happen. In this tutorial, we will learn how QA teams can take control of quality at the end of the software development life cycle, and keep the programmers' buggy code out of production. This tutorial will help you, the QA engineer, learn to test quality right into that code at the last possible moment. You'll learn how to help get your project on a steady, slow pace, and be the hero who saves the day at the last minute.

On change control:

We've lost our way and need to go back to the true meaning of our SCM practices. We use Source Code CONTROL systems, Change CONTROL Boards, and Release MANAGEMENT processes. Thus, we really should be exercising that control. The process is the product, and the only good change is slow change.


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