David Brent at Microsoft

I heard Microsoft is looking into the who leaked their training videos. David Brent trains new starters.


Dependancy Structure Matrix

To manage complex interdependencies of components in software architectures a Dependancy Structure Matrix can be produced. This is a relatively recently documented technique is great for an overview of the project: it can be used to get a feel of the system design and the actual relationships beyond that of a block diagram. It might help to identify where the system might be brittle and require refactoring.


Distraction free writing

Anyone remember the old dumb terminals, where there wasn't a desktop to speak of. Once you learnt the keys often you'd get a lot more writing done. Write Room, for the Mac, is a productivity tool that avoids desktop distraction. Darkroom is a windows port.

Get ready for winter now

I used to have a half-baked geocities site, adhoc html and little ordering. I was clearing out my disk and I came across it, and actually found a useful page (of unknown origin) which gave a ski training routine:

90 minutes of cardio-vascular. Elliptical cross-trainers are best. Do lower-intensity workout on two of the days, higher on the third.

(40 minutes of strengthening and agility training as circuit training)

  1. Squats (three sets) 15-25.
  2. Alternating front lunges with dumb-bells (1-3 sets) 15-25 reps with each leg
  3. Dumb bell step-ups (using a 30-45 cm step)

The Root Of All Evil: Richard Dawkins

Dawkins as always provokes a response: he seems to me to be religiously anti-religion. Disecting religion as though it were a lab-rat, he misses much recent research. Religion is not irrelivant or the evidence of belief alone can cure: no matter what the belief is in. Recent evidence has shown this.

Freenet: a new generation of Peer-to-Peer

The creaters of Freenet--- the control free content network--- describe their new algorthm at Chaos communication congress. This avoids the use of central servers or super-peers:


Pimms history and recipe

Came across this review of Pims No. 1, which contains an interesting history to the drink. Also a recipe to make Pimms in your kitchen:



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